WELCOME TO PP TOURS - Service Excellence with a Personal Touch!

PP Tours & Travel South Africa is a registered Wholesale Tour and Corporate Management Company understanding and respecting clientele expectations, needs and requirements.

Our paramount concern is service excellence – whilst offering value for money.

As a Wholesale Operator PP Tours and Travel has the preference and do qualify for special negotiated confidential, preferential rates from service providers which are applied to the benefit of our clientele. This has a substantial positive impact on our client’s Travel Budget.

PP Tours & Travel has joint ventures in various countries and joint offices with our selected partners in the country concerned. In addition, other markets worldwide make use of PP Tours & Travel services which in itself will be to the benefit of our clientele because of International agreements and relationships.

PP Tours and Travel has to date over the past years successfully Managed various Contracts, Projects and Conferences for High Profile Clientele i.e.

  • Official and Leisure Visit of Princess of Thailand
  • Dept of Basic Education
  • Department of Arts and Culture
  • South African Police Visit to Canada
  • Education Labour Relations Council
  • Safety and Security Bargaining Council
  • Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council
  • Public Health Social Development Bargaining council
  • World Summit
  • Various Embassies – Diplomatic Travel
  • Other corporate business

PP Tours and Travel Management Team

  • Operations Manager - Mrs Hancadri Spies
  • Marketing Manager - Mrs Nadine Verwey
  • Conference, Group and Incentives Process Owner - Mrs Winnie Koovee
  • Accounts Manager - Mrs Angela Smith
  • Quality Control Managers - Senior Management

Categories of Travel Services.

  • Local Travel - Corporate and Leisure
  • Regional Travel - Corporate and Leisure - Including assistance with Visas
  • International Travel - Corporate and Leisure - Including assistance with Visas
  • Professional Conference Organizers Local, Regional and International

Inclusive of the following:

  • Visa and Health Requirements
  • Financial Budget Management
  • Conference Registrations
  • Event and Conference Themes
  • Advocacy Materials
  • Catering Services
  • Social Program Services
  • Conference Suppliers
  • Technical RequirementsPre and Post Conference Tours
  • Incentive Travel - Local and International – Themes
  • Team Building – Arrangement, Management and Coordination
  • Group Travel – Corporate and LeisureArranging of Office Space with all Technical / IT requirements and Secretary with International Visits and Negotiations.


Businesses today are forced to keep up with an array of pressures, increased competition, fewer staff, shrinking budgets and time constraints.

These pressures make getting the job done on time, on budget and on target no easy task.

PP Tours and Travel strive to relieve these pressures and stress for their clientele in a professional manner with their clientele’s expectations, needs and requirements as a priority.

Whether collaborating, informing, announcing or educating, whether on charter or regularly scheduled, whether simple or sophisticated, PP Tours and Travel has the solution to suit your needs.

PP Tours upholds a zero tolerance on bribery and corruption and maintains the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance in the conduct of all facets of its business. In its business relationships and interactions with suppliers, service providers and business partners, it is a prerequisite that such entities demonstrate a commitment to similar ethical and business standards. In instances where a supplier, service provider or business partner fails to comply with acceptable standards in this regard, PP Tours & Travel reserves the right to terminate any existing contractual relationship with such party.


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